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Use this page to complete a "Waiver" in order to enter Crow's Lake Property

This electronic copy will be on file. We do not accept a paper copy any more.

Please review complete list of "EVENTS" (over 30 names listed in the drop-down list) before you make your selection. Your choice is the EVENT FILE your Waiver is stored in. Very important to have correct event listed. If you choose wrong name, we may not find your waiver when you come out to Crow's Lake.

At bottom of page 2 "Select" either "Minor" or "Adult"

Select   "Minor"   If you are 17 years old or younger. 
              Your Parents or legal Guardians shall complete
              section for "GUARDIANS" at bottom of page.

Select    "Adult"    If you are 18 years old or older. You do
              not need to do anything in the "GUARDIAN"
              section at bottom of page.

Click the box labeled "Signature". A big box will appear that you can sign in with a "Mouse" or "Finger". After signing please click "Save" in lower right corner

We can not accept Waiver if not signed so please sign where needed. If  you do not sign, then you will have to repeat the whole Waiver process.               Follow the link below.

    Link To Crow's Lake Waiver

Click   "SUBMIT"     A completed copy will go to you. Please review for mistakes. Complete a 2nd waiver if mistakes in the 1st waiver.

    Thank You - Tom Crow